Wondergrade redesign

A family-friendly app for young children and their parents to enhance emotional well-being.


2023.6 - 2023.9

My Role

I served as UX Consultant for Wondergrade and helped Wondergrade's 2 co-founders align product vision and redesign their app. Specifically, I helped identify key user problems, advocated for a child-center approach to designing Wondergrade's child-facing content, and conducted 3 rounds of playtesting sessions for user feedback for design iterations.


Wondergrade, LLC (start-up)


With a background in Psychology, prior experience in mental health app entrepreneurship, and a passion for designing for children, I was surprised and disappointed to find a lack of mainstream mental health apps for children. In my search, I discovered Wondergrade, a newly launched app in 2022. After conducting thorough app evaluation and user testing, I sent a comprehensive 42-page report to Wondergrade. Impressed with my work, the co-founders hired me to lead the app redesign.

Overview & Problem

"I hesitate to purchase the app because I don't know how it will help." - Mom of 3 children

The current app was designed to help parents regulate their 3-8 years old children's emotions through audio and video guidance and mini games.  However, parents do not understand how the app can best support their family's emotional wellbeing in everyday life. Two main issues contribute to parents' confusion:


A redesign that separates parents' content from children's content starting from login screen

Due to NDA, I am not able to share the details of the new design but only my initial research insights below.