Hi, I'm janet! and here's a little story about me

I love design, education, and psychology. I'm currently a master's student studying Learning Design and Technology at Stanford University Graduate School of Education with a focus on early childhood learning. Prior to graduate school, I studied Cognitive Science and Psychology at Vanderbilt University Peabody School of Education.

I first learned about design as a discipline in college. However, in retrospection, I've been practicing design since 5 years old. Back then, my grandpa, who was a heavy smoker, looked after me everyday. Knowing smoking is bad for health, I wanted my grandpa to quit smoking. I tried telling him to quit smoking, but it did not work. Hence, I knew I needed to come up with a creative solution. I noticed that my grandpa liked smoking while laying on his bed, so I drew a little face on paper, cut it out, and sticked it on the wall facing my grandpa's bed. In that way, whenever my grandpa smoked, he would see the face I drew with a pair of eyes "monitoring" him :)

highlighted Experience in Design & teaching

wondergrade, llc (2023.6-2023.9)

UX Consultant

  • Conduct playtesting sessions with young children to inform decisions on current design improvements.
  • Lead the research and design of Wondergrade’s new children-facing app, Oli's Toolbox.

bing nursery school (2023.1-present)

preschool teacher assistant

  • Assist head teachers facilitate preschool children's play-based learning on a weekly basis.

stanford women in design (2022.9-2023.6)


  • Construct quarter-long digital design curricula for students to learn about design thinking through projects.
  • Co-teach weekly workshops in Beginning and Advanced Figma for 30+ students during the fall and spring quarters.

vanderbilt university (2021.10-2022.5)

graphic designer

  • Designed logos and posters for clients from the 7000+ Vanderbilt student body with a 2-week turnaround time.

While I'm not designing, I am...

  • Doing psychology experiments on my dog
  • Making data visualizations and tote bags (and sometimes both!)