1000 Paper Cranes

a VR/WebGL multi-network game for people to share blessings, find social support, and destress


Sep 2020 - Nov 2020

My Role

Game Ideation, Storyboard, Interface Design


Melissa Parkinson (Programming), Rachel Stukenborg (Programming)
Stephanie Wang (Programming), Trae Stroud (3D modeling)


Design process


My team used the Agile Method for project management with 4 sprints in total.

-Multiuser Experience

The multiuser experience in our project is mostly asynchronous. It is intentionally designed in this way to foster a safe, personal space for users to foster trust and become comfortable with sharing their positivity via this game. Ideally, users will relax by walking around in our beautiful scene, reflect on their life by recording and spreading positive notes, and do fun paper foldings.

Our asynchronous feature— sending and receiving messages via paper cranes— is comparable to pigeon mailing or emailing. Users will send their messages through folded cranes to other users. The recipients will be able to read the messages on their received cranes when they click on their birdhouses. After reading messages, they can choose to reply or forward the cranes to other users.

There are two synchronous components to this game. First, all users will be able to see the journeys of the cranes they interacted with on a world globe/map. In other words, users who interacted with the same cranes will see the locations of these cranes simultaneously (if they are both in this game). Second, all users will be able to see the total number of cranes born in our fantasy gameland. The number will appear on the top of the gameplay interface. Users will have the opportunity to collectively make a wish and our game will give to a social cause every time we have 1000 cranes born.